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  Blue Flag:
The blue flag awarded to the sea of Pesaro
A long blue flag, which waves from East to West.
Among the 90 Communes who received the blue flag (but the maintown of province are only three: Pesaro, Savona and Ravenna) there is also our town, which has been awarded for the quality of the services, the touristic welcome, the limpid waters, the environmental education and impact, the good level of the distinguished waste, that to say for many standards of valutation – and this year they were even more sever than the other editions.

The FEE Italy placet Pesaro at the fiftieth place among the 630 communes along the Italian coast.
So it is a big goal and it satisfied completely the municipal administratial. (We remind you that last year the sought-after blue cloth was denied to us and the former year it was awarded only to a tract of the beach).

The Borough Council Clerk for the environment and the energy Gloriana Gambini and the Clerk for the tourism and the economical development Luca Pieri had said: "The assignment of the blue flag for the whole coast, from the harbour until Fosso Sejore, confirms the quality of the work that we made in equipe, it was a mutual efforce carried on either in the environmental field or the touristic field. To receive this award the Commune had to show a plan with all the activities which demonstrate a promotion of a eco-compatible tourism, the validity of the bathing waters, the perfect depuration of the reflown waters, an efficient sewerage net, the distinguished waste, big pedestrian areas, green areas, urban furnishment, cycle tracks, facilitations for the disabled people, protected areas.
The valutations of the last years became more severe to rewarded the municipal admistrations like ours which demonstrated an increasing of the activities devoted to the administration of the territory".
The precious award will bring big advantages over all from a touristic point of view.

The Borough Council Clerk Pieri said:
"The blue flag is an important arrow to our bow. It’s an important element which became part of the politics and strategies that we’re making to promote Pesaro as touristic place. Our town, unlike other neighbouring towns, is facing in a good way the crisis of Adriatic tourism, just because we promote several aspects of Pesaro, to avoid that the only attraction is the sea. Pesaro and its inland have got precious attractions, from a natural and cultural and gastronomical point of view. This is possible thanks to the modern structures and plants which can host important sport events, shows and meetings".

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